Little Happy Moments

One of the most difficult things in life is to see the light within all the darkness. But even in those horrible moments, even on your worst days, there is always the possibility for hope.

With each acknowledgement of happiness, we take a step closer towards becoming a better version of ourselves. Sure, it’s not the easiest path; but most things worth while rarely are. It takes great strength to believe in yourself and others. But in the end, it’s worth it.

Next time your finding life difficult, take a look up at the night sky. Stars are there as a reminder…a reminder that sometimes a little darkness is needed to shine bright and appreciate the light.


Day 1: New co-worker, whom I’m just getting to know,surprised me with a candle for my birthday.

Day 2: Facetiming with Emmy – my yoga loving, larger than life bestie

Day 3: Spending the day with my mother (Too many things to be thankful for…it is Thanksgiving after all)

Day 4: Spreading out my tea collection and admiring it all

Day 5: Christmas decorating and camera shots (I love a good flatlay)

Day 6: Guinness & Movies

Day 7: Personal day off = no work = shopping peacefully everywhere = even more DAVIDsTEA purchases

Day 8: While traveling for work, got to cut through Manhattan to get home 🙂

Day 9: Vlogmas videos…need I say more

Day 10: Late night blanket snuggles under the Christmas Tree lights

Day 11: Found a new blog Bugs and Birds – A Blog (Check them out!)

Day 12: Puppy cuddles

Day 13: Learning more about photography

Day 14: Best kind of scrambled eggs. Revolutionized my breakfast

Day 15: Admiring my box tea collection

Day 16: Tousled, curled hair

Day 17: False lashes

Day 18: The Alchemist – such a profound story

Day 19: More loose tea – check. DavidsTea latte to go – check

Day 20: Paper snowflake winter wonderland

Day 21: “Life has a funny way of working out just when you start to believe it never will”

Day 22: Sunshine on my face

Day 23: Holiday Cocktails

Day 24: Finally completed my False Eyelash Artwork

Day 25: Children-sized mugs that are the perfect size for me

Day 26: Holiday shopping

Day 25: Having courage to post about my mental health journey on my instagram & blog

Day 26: Girls day in NYC with Emmy

Day 27: Leasing my first car EVER

Day 28: Smelling my new car on my way to work

Day 29: Getting the tea photograph I was imagining

Day 30: Winning a Celestial Tea contest

Day 31: Discovering that the musical Hamilton exists

Day 32: Spending time with loved ones

Day 33: Aged gin for the win

Day 34: Homemade chicken noodle soup

Day 35: First snowfall

Day 36: Photographing the new snowfall

Day 37: Unseasonably warm weather to warm/cheer me up

Day 38: Continuing to accept my life struggles and work towards improving things

Day 39: Dinner, drinks & tea with my best friend

Day 40: Having my best friend Sam reach out to me about my blog

Day 41: Impressed with Canon’s customer service on Twitter

Day 42: Unbelievably THANKFUL my camera was still under warranty

Day 43: Making new friends at work

Day 44: Girls night out – shopping, dinner and drink with Laur

Day 45: Ice balls in drinks

Day 46: Warm homemade treats

Day 47: Seeing a moment someone captured on Instagram and feeling so moved by it

Day 48: “That’s the thing about this type of light; it has the power to pick you up, even when you’re on the lowest grounds”

Day 49: Thankful for all the creative people out there who force everyone else to see the world with different lenses

Day 50: My new Passion Planner

Day 51: The Bluebird Tea package that made its way back to me

Day 52: Red lips & blue eyes

Day 53: Healthy, clean eating

Day 54: Continue my learnings about Plant-based diet

Day 55: Snow White is officially out of the Disney vault

Day 56: I own a Kale t-shirt…yes it happened

Day 57: Finally sending my childhood best friend’s one year anniversary present

Day 58: Valentine’s Day/Two-Year Anniversary in the city

Day 59: Dark berry lips & top knots

Day 60: Homemade sweet potato & coconut soup

Day 61: Homemade butternut squash soup

Day 62: “Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live well. Just live.”

Day 63: Cousin love

Day 64: Mommy Daughter days

Day 65: Tea

Day 66: Brunch

Day 67: Queuing up new books to read