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Time to Steep #18 – DavidsTea Halloween Collection

November 6, 2016

My typical routine: waking up early Sunday, heading over to Trader Joes, and then popping into my local DavidsTea to stock up (or enjoy a nice cuppa). Having an actual, in-store experience when purchasing my tea makes everything more enjoyable: the excitement that overcomes me as I see the store from afar, the casual stroll I take around the pre-packaged items, and the approach to the counter as I embark on my journey to sniff everything in sight. At the end of the day, not only do I get to buy any amount I desire when I go into a store, but I do not have to pay for shipping! When I saw that DavidsTea released teas for Halloween, I jumped online to check them out. I was about to parade myself towards the store, when I realied that two of teas were online exclusives. I decided to take the plunge and experience my first online purchase! My final cart consisted of 2oz of each Halloween tea (plus an additional 2oz of one type) and another order of Pom Cider because…#obsessed.

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