Weekend in Boston

January 15, 2017

My first trip to Boston was exhilarating, historic, and joyous. But even so, I must admit…I am still a New York gal!

With my best friend traveling around the country for residency interviews, we were fortunate enough to meet up in two locations; first stop was Boston. While I only live ~90 mins from the city, it was never my cup of tea. New York’s powers were far more elusive and seductive than Boston’s ever were. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic at the chance to explore the city with my best lady.

Friday night, I boarded a Greyhound after work and arrived in Boston past 8pm. I strutted through South Station and continued my walk to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. As I entered the lobby, I was finally reunited with Alex. After a fantastic embrace, we made our way to the room to drop off my bags. From that point, we headed out be honest, I was beyond hangry.

Dinner and drinks were based on a recommendation from my co-worker: 21st Amendment. We managed to get the only open table, both indulged in some gin, and ordered plenty of fish and chips. I might have been really hungry, but I swear that meal was amazing! The portions were large and everything was well worth it (especially given the price).

Due to exhaustion, we had to embrace our inner grandmas and made way back to the hotel. We stayed up listening to Hamilton and chatting (sometimes the better option when you want to catch up). The next morning I plotted a course for us to loosely follow. Arm in arm, Alex and I made way across the Common towards Acorn St (one of the most frequently photographed streets in the US). While Boston might not be my FAVORITE city, you have to give credit where credit is due – the old architecture is phenomenal.

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t make a few photo detours along the way – thank you to the friends who are patient with photography! I must admit that, in the end, I fell in love with Acorn Street. The brickwork and cobblestones are breathtaking: historical America at its finest.

Eventually, we continued on for some much needed food. Breakfast was pastries and some much needed coffee. Side bar: I am obsessed with finding croissants when I go into cities because they are few and far between where I live – the same goes for good coffee. Because of this, we settled on Tatte Bakery. The pastries all looked picture-perfect. I have to admit, I would have bought more if I had stayed longer. After a delicious and filling breakfast (which I shared with many baby birds), we continued the journey to Newbury Street for some shopping.

While freezing outside, Alex and I had so much fun. We both forgot how much we missed just doing the simple things together, like physical talking to each other (not just through a screen) as we tried on clothes. The one thing I didn’t miss: Alex’s enabling! My dear, lovely bestie can convince me to buy anything I want! After walking down a massive chunk of the strip, we embarked on the walk back to the hotel. Despite having already put in our fair share of steps already, I still insisted on walking back because, to be honest, I’ll take any exercise I can get. We rested up in the hotel for a short while and headed east to Mike’s Pastry. Our mission was cannoli!

While lines at Mike’s are expected, don’t let that put you off. The store knows what happening and everything moves beyond efficiently. It takes some time, but you actually get out fairly quick. We chose to keep our treats boxed up to enjoy later. By this point, it was still pretty early – just barely 5pm. But when you are hungry, you are hungry. So we walked over to the restaurant to try to see if they would take us a little earlier. Little Tip: Boston is much easier when you make dinner reservations well in advance. If you see a place you like, make sure you book it then. Since we did not do this, we had to try to find something to book while waiting in line at Mike’s. As a result, our choices were limited. We did manage to get a table at Lucia Ristorante. Both of us didn’t need to overeat, so we shared the pasta for two. It hit the spot perfectly!

After a 30+min near-death (multiple times) Uber experience, we arrived back at the hotel. I’m all for Uber, but at the same time, I cannot even begin to articulate how anxious I was in that car that night. No single car ride should be filled with so many almost accidents. I fairly confident in saying that the diver in not an expert in Boston driving.

Once we dropped everything back at the hotel, we walk around the corner to Primark! The US does not have many Primarks, but I am grateful for the few we do have. For years, I have been watching Primark hauls by UK Youtubers and have been envious. I longed to go into one. While I still have not yet been to a true Primark in the UK, the one in Boston does a good job. We made our way up and down the 4 floors and shopped away. Unfortunately, the trip got split into two sessions due to a mass evacuation of the building…we were able to go back in 30min before close with just enough time to try on and pay. Both of us were determined to get back in because we needed Christmas leggings and knit hats #priorities

The next morning we both woke early. Alex had an early flight, so I was left to explore the city a bit more in the morning before checkout. I lingered in the room until most shops opened (it was Sunday after all), and then went to a coffee shop close by. Thinking Cup had good reviews, as well as some unique lattes. While I wanted to try everything, I settled on the Honey Cinnamon Latte. I rested for a bit to enjoy my drink, and I even had a great chat with the owner (or main manager…not sure his exact position). He was such a delight and nicknamed me Picasso. I told you, we really did bond!

With coffee and camera in hand, I headed across the street to the Boston Common. I didn’t want to be the nonstop photographer when I was with Alex. I always feel bad taking endless photos when the person I’m with isn’t use to it. I’m so glad I decided to go back for the shots. While it was brisk, the morning ended up being sunny and lovely.

Since I still had time to kill, I decided to venture back into Primark. Due to the evacuation, we weren’t able to make it to the shoes, and a girl at work has a pair of boots that I was determined to get. PS I managed to buy them! They are short brown boots, with a touch of gold!

Overall, my experience in Boston was glorious. I want to go back in the warmer months, spend a day outside, and just relish in the beauty of the city. As an American, Boston is such an important place to visit. Multiple times I caught myself thinking about how our great, historical figures walked these same streets. It’s almost as though as your heels click against the cobbles, you take a piece of that history with you.

Have you ever been to Boston? If so, what are some of your favorite spots to go to?

With love, Stephie xoxo


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